About Us

Play like no one's watching.

 At All About The Doll we are obsessed with creating high quality, innocent and beautiful dolls that encourage our children to play like no-ones watching. 

We know that imagination, role playing and living out real life, dreams and fantasies are an essential part of our children’s development as they come to terms with how things really work in the big wide world.

Our dolls have been created to support children as they go through the journey of self-discovery and emotional and social development.

We’ve created dolls that never grow up faster than our children. Our dolls aren’t preoccupied with being grown-ups, they are just going through the process of growing up, alongside our kids.

In our world, proms, partners and peer pressure doesn’t yet feature. We encourage our dolls and our children to celebrate the age they are now. Our dolls love to dress up for parties; there are a million hobbies they want to experience, a plethora of friends of both sexes they want to play with and ample accessories to bring this all to life. After all, there’s plenty of time for all that grown up stuff later.

We’ve done our best to create dolls that reflect the beautiful diverse world we now live in. From porcelain skin and fiery red hair, to the most enviable black curls and dark skin, we know that friendship has no boundaries so whoever you want your best friend to be, we really hope we’ve got it covered.

Our range of 18” dolls will all stand upright independently, have silky soft hair and moveable arms and legs. We’ve ensured that they meet with all UK testing for health and safety and they carry the CE mark of safe toys.

We’ve also created a range of casual and smart clothes and shoes to cover all weathers and occasions. In time, we hope to add more clothes, shoes, equipment and accessories for all hobbies and situations imaginable, and we would love your thoughts on anything else we need to add to the collection.

In fact, we’d like all your views, good, bad, indifferent or ecstatic! You can email us at hello@allaboutthedoll and we promise we’ll mail you back.


Our registered address is: Ash House Farm, BD17 6AZ