Here's Lila

Meet Lila.  She's very happy to meet you too.  Lila loves company.  She doesn't mind if there's lots of people to play with but sometimes she just likes it to be her and her very best friend.  You see, she can be a little shy.  Just until you get to know her though, after that, she is full of life!  Lila loves playing with her friends and toys, and she loves dancing and twirling to music.  She tried ballet but it really wasn't for her.  Lots of her friends do it though and perhaps, just perhaps she'll go back to it one day.  What Lila does love though, is horse riding.  She's very lucky as her auntie has a pony called Hairy Henry, and sometimes Lila gets to go on a little ride on him.  There's quite a lot to do with Hairy Henry before she can ride him, like brushing him and putting on the saddle and bridle, but it's really worth it when you get to actually ride.  If you ask nicely, maybe she'll ask her auntie if you can have a turn?

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